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Recreational Vehicle Power Supply System

Solar charge system for the recreational vehicle
Normally, it includes solar power generation board, rectification charger, anti-countercurrent device, power detector and leads of fixed mount etc. Because of sunlight receiving, it is mostly installed at the top of the vehicle as the supplementary charge system of the secondary battery. The solar board normally can last for more than 20 years with 25-200W power generation capacity. Although the price is higher than other system, it is the cheapest energy supply, which is highly suitable for the areas with abundant sunlight.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Equipment: Exterior Equipment

Because the recreational vehicle is a mobile and independent home, it will be equipped with much exterior equipment.
Exterior lights
They are used for exterior lighting, which is normally set at the entry or exit or the side of the entry or exit. You will feel at home with the lights on at night.
Solar Power Supply System
It is the supplementary power system for the secondary battery power supply system, which is normally set at the top of the vehicle to elevate the power generation efficiency, consisting of solar power generation board, rectification charger and the current detector. If your solar power generation board has enough power (above 100W), it also can charge the host battery but do not forget to add one anti-countercurrent device.
Reverse Monitor
It consists of monitoring screen and lens. The screen is set near the operator cabin and the lens is mostly installed at the highest point at the back of the vehicle so as to achieve best field of vision. Normally, the wide-angle lens around 90 degree is used, which has deeper and wider field of vision. It is necessary to mark the ranging line and left-right guidelines on the screen so as to judge the distance easily. In individual opinion, the black-and-white type is good for use with less contrast problems at night.
Infrared Ray Alarm
Namely, it is the infrared ray detector. Turn on it before sleeping, once someone enters the detecting range, the lights will automatically switch on, which has a perfect anti-theft effect. However, the camping in Taiwan is without planning and there are too many disturbing persons, which easily causes troubles sometimes.
Roof Air Conditioner
The roof installation will not occupy too much space and with good contra flow effect. Nearly, all the overseas RVs use this kind of air conditioner.
Television Antenna
There are many types of television antennas, such as disk type, cross-rod type and bifurcated type. However, because there are few TV stations using transmitting station in Taiwan ; furthermore, there are few transmitting stations and with too many dead angles, the receiving effect is not good. It is better to use the trapping TV antenna with signal amplifying function, which has a better receiving effect.
Satellite Antenna
It is the vehicle TV antenna. Because it is necessary to use aiming at the satellite, it cannot be used during traveling. Simultaneously, it only can receive the programs through satellite and therefore, it maybe not suitable in Taiwan .
Sun and Rain Shade
It is set at the entry or exit side for sun shading during strong sunlight and for rain shading during rain. It can be folded for non-use without place occupation, which almost becomes the basic equipment for camping vehicle. Its length can be 2.0-6.0 meters and normal width is 2.25-2.5 meters. The width can reach 2.75 meters for longer one.
Side Tent for Sun and Rain Shade
The whole sunshade can enclose a comfortable big tent through adding one kind of tent on the sunshade, which you will have a same space as the vehicle for the purpose of playroom for children, outdoor coffee café or another bedroom as you like. Nevertheless, because this kind of side tent is relatively heavier and it takes a little long time for building, it is not suitable for one-day tourism but for multiple days and fixed spot camping. In fact, this kind of tent is most suitable for huge camping vehicle or camping trailer. The common tourism vehicle has the problem of not enough enclosure, so the mosquito is easy to enter.
External Tent for Sun & Rain Shade
If you think that the side tent is too troublesome, the external rain tent may be relatively convenient. The sunshade space will be enlarged through inserting the external rain tent into the groove at the outer edge of the sunshade.
Tail Tent
The tail tent is set at the back door of the vehicle. It is normally used as the bathing room and toilet. It is a good equipment for the camping vehicle without independent bathing room and toilet. The design of the tail tent is only for some specific types and the basic conditions are the back door must be upward lifting and the lifting height shall be higher than one person.
Side Tent
It is set at the side of the door and connected with the vehicle body via aluminum track in groove. Different from the sunshade side tent, the side tent itself is a tent, which can be independently used but the sunshade side tent must be matched with the sunshade.
Bathing Tent
One small tent shall be built for the recreational vehicles without bathing room. It is normally used together with the portable close-stool and shower equipment. The use of the bathing tent shall be determined according to the situations

Bicycle Bracket
It can bring 2-4 bicycles, which can facilitate traveling of your family and expand the traveling range of about 10 kilometers. But we shall pay attention that the hanging load of the common vehicles has been preset at the time of design. The manufacturer of the bicycle bracket also has set the limitation at the time of design. Do not overload so as to avoid damage to the personnel or the vehicle.
Motorcycle Bracket
It is a good equipment, which can bring one motorcycle or articles below 250kg , expanding the traveling range of at least 50 kilometers. The shortcoming is that the motorcycle bracket is tested strictly and so, the price is very high (higher than the motorcycle itself). Simultaneously, the applicable vehicle type is seldom. The familiar one is Forster T4.
Trailer Bracket
The normally seen one is the trailer ball-type bracket, which can be divided into Class I, Class II, Class III and Class VI.
Class I can drag the trailers below 2000LBS (909kgs);
Class II can drag the trailers below 3500LBS (1590kgs);
Class III & VI can drag the trailers below 5000LBS (2273kgs);

Small Trailer
Its load-carrying ability is normally below 400kg and without braking device for the majority. The Class I trailer bracket can be used with many types, such as box-type, hard shell type, open bracket type and platform type. It can drag goods, motorcycles, small boats and water motorcycles etc.

Roof Luggage Bracket
It is the goods and articles support installed at the top of the vehicle for carrying the articles below 75kg . Pay attention to binding and do not be slipshod.

Roof Luggage Carrier Bracket
It can divided into hard shell type and open bracket type. The hard shell type features rain proof, exquisite appearance, small wind sound and higher price. The open bracket type features portability, cheaper price but it is not rainproof. The majority of recreational vehicles adopt hard shell type roof luggage carrier to carry a lot of luggage.
Tail Ladder
It is set at the back of the vehicle, which is convenient to take down the articles at the top. Normally, it is the flat square aluminum ladder featuring portability and safety, which is normally installed on the self-propelled recreational vehicles.